With an eye for detail, Dallas Tung is a scenic photographer who has incredible drive, keeping him determined and focused to reach his goals. He is passionate about life and also one of the most open-minded, and generous people you’ll ever meet.

After High School in California, Dallas moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana where he worked as a grocery clerk for six years, while intermittently attending graphic design school. Eventually, inspired by his father’s manufacturing business, he started his own business for wholesale plastic card printing, called Plastek Cards. He then created his own website and was able to grow Plastek Cards over a ten year span.

As for his love of photography, you can’t miss it. Dallas took photography labs when he was only eleven years old and was known to bring his camera on all of his travels. Recently, he immersed himself deeper into the beauty of art through pictures and has created a website portfolio to showcase his rising talent. He continues to be inspired by the super talented Photographers around the world.

Now back in California. In his spare time, he … well, he loves to take pictures! But he also enjoys attending church for God, traveling with family and friends, cycling to stay healthy and active, and sometimes go for a drive racing at the track with friends. He’s a huge fan of Formula 1 and one of his goals right now is to take his photography to the next level. Follow his work on his social media networks to keep up with his journey!